Mia is a graphic designer and a curious mind of many trades. With her background in textile and communication design Mia has a broad spectrum of tools which she applies when collaborating with a variety of partners, clients and creative friends. Mia is passionate about visualising and making sense of a complex world making use of her creative license as a designer which flows in the realm of Art, Craft and Music.
Working in a style of mixed media and an explorative approach solving complex visualization and communication challenges whit her clients and collaborators. As a designer it is important for Mia to keep an open and imaginative mind and ask a lot of questions when challenging a problem. She has helped her clients and collaborators in a broad area from creating Brand and Identity design, Posters, Labels, Logos, Videos and Sound design to organizing cultural Events and crafting Workshops.
For keeping her curious mind vigorous Mia always has a new project or idea brewing. These projects are often focused on exploring new skills by experimenting and gaining knowledge from unknown territories, ideas spawned to life from having something to say to the world or even for playing and having fun.
As a passion project by chance Mia got into synthesis and music making at a Build-your-own-synthesizer workshop as a design student. At this event Mia uncovered a way for her to work with music and sound in an open and experimenting state. Today music and sound is an incorporated part of Mia’s life creating experimental improv tracks with her band Kjøge Huskors
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